1. 100% synthetic oil change and filling with engine oil in accordance with the latest standards specific to your model.
  2. Reset of maintenance and oil service by scanner.
  3. Battery test, engine air filter check.
  4. Tire inspection and inflation.
  5. Fluid check or refill.
  6. Door lock and hinge lubrication.
  7. Exterior light visual inspection.
  8. Drive belt condition assessment.
  9. Security summary check (abnormal wheel gaps/sounds) without a test drive.
  10. A service based on customer follow-up and service performed by a real mechanic. .

Oil change package deal

This pricing strategy is designed to benefit loyal customers who support us. Thanks to the quality of our follow-up and service, these customers come out a winner.


♦ 100% synthetic oil change 0W-20, 5W-20, 5W-30, 15W-40 (Dexos compatible) (compatibleDexos)

$94.95 – Special offer with other services, order here Order your package here

100% synthetic oil change 0W-20, 5-20 or 5W-30 Dexos including filter and safety inspection and 4.5 litres. We also provide a computer reset to the vehicle’s service and oil change display.
*Charges may apply to additional liters and certain filters.

♦ Oil change 0W-30, 5W-30, 5W-40, 0W-40 – 100% synthetic European standard

$134.95 – Special offer with other requested services, order here commandant ici

Premium 0W-30, 5W-30 or 5W-40 European synthetic oil change with filter and safety inspection, including 5 liters. We also provide a computer reset to the vehicle’s service and oil change display.
*Charges may apply for additional liters and certain filters.


1- Coolant Fluid Replacement Package

Complete deluxe hot swap antifreeze fluid replacement including 10 litres of long-lasting antifreeze and WYNN’S cleaning and preventive treatment additives.

2- Automatic Transmission Oil Replacement Package

Heavy-duty transmission service for recent vehicle synthetic automatic transmission, WYNN’S cleaning agent and additives, includes 12 liters. Extra charge for CVT transmissions and extra litres. Performed by a specialized machine.

3-Clutch Fluid Maintenance Package

includes a complete replacement of the clutch fluid through the clutch cylinder’s bleeder screw (standard transmission only)

4-4- Differential Oil Maintenance Package (front or rear)

includes differential oil replacement. Some extra charges may apply depending on the oil type, 75W 90, 75W-140, 80W-90, VTM-4, Dual pump, GL-4 or GL-5, etc.

5-Transfer case oil maintenance package

includes transfer case oil replacement. Some extra charges may apply depending on the oil type, 75W-90, 75W-140, 80W-90, etc.

6- Standard Transmission Oil Replacement Package

Includes up to 3 litres of gear oil and labour. Extra charges may apply on some models.

7- Power Steering Oil Replacement Package

Includes labour and power steering oil. Some models might require extras when other oil types are required.

Why have we switched to 100% synthetic oil?
  • For the quality/price ratio offered to the customer
  • All manufacturers moved towards this option
  • Engines are now more vulnerable to improper lubrication than before
  • Because it is required by turbocharged and direct-injection engines
  • People do not want to be constantly at the garage
  • It costs the same as regular oil

Oil Change Price

Is there anything more upsetting than not understanding the logic between the advertised price of each oil change and their differences? Well… yeah, I know. There are more appalling and higher-priority things. But that does not stop me from demystifying the whole thing, so you can be a better informed consumer.

First of all, you need to know what kind of oil change you need because when it comes to making choices, it can be chaotic. For your peace of mind, you need to find out what oil grade your vehicle requires, the type of synthetic or mineral oil you need and the specific standards, if any.

However, aside from the technical details, we recently decided to introduce a regular oil change at almost the price of a can of oil and a filter at Canadian Tire. We therefore consider this to be more advantageous than Walmart, Costco, Mr. Lube, Point S, Jiffy Lube, Express Autocare or Pennzoil Quick Lube. You just need to go on our website to get your special offer. As you can see, we too are asking for something in exchange for a better price. In our case we are looking for traffic on our rather young website. Moreover, it will not affect our fast service.

The Specifics of Oil

The grade or viscosity: This is the oil consistency, and it is identified as follows: 5W-20, 0W-20, 10W 30, etc. Let’s take 5W-30 as an example. The 5 stands for a unit representing the viscosity at low temperature, and the 30 indicates the viscosity at high temperature. This would mean that this oil would remain more viscous at high temperature than a 5W-20 oil. The same logic applies to the other number. It is important to understand that you have nothing to analyze, you must use the grade that apply to your vehicle period.

The type of oil: There are two main oil types: The so-called classic mineral oils and synthetic oils.

Synthetic Oil Change

Synthetic oil is obtained in laboratory from the synthesis of precisely metered ingredients designed by engineers, scientific researchers and petroleum product chemists. When this synthesis is combined with a set of premium additives, the result is an oil that has the highest levels of lubricity and engine protection, generally offering superior ignition protection, better detergent qualities, increased durability and better protection against heat build-up.

Semi-Synthetic Engine Oil Changes

Semi-synthetic oil is made from a blend of synthetic and conventional oils to provide increased resistance to oxidation (compared to conventional oil) and excellent low temperature performance and is recommended for cars, trucks, vans and SUVs that periodically carry heavy loads, tow a trailer or frequently drive at high revolution. Pay particular attention to the fact that synthetic blends are not a 50% mineral/50% synthetic mixture. It is at the manufacturer’s discretion. It is much harder to know if the price is worth the product proposed.

Conventional or Regular Oil Change

Last but not least, regular oil is exactly what its name implies – it is made from enriched crude base oils, during the blending process, with chemical additives that help meet the manufacturer’s specified levels of heat tolerance, breakdown resistance and viscosity (viscosity is a simple technical term for oil thickness or fluidity). Conventional motor oil is available in a range of viscosity grades and quality levels, from the suitable lubricant to a carefully designed premium lubricant.

In addition conventional motor oil is recommended for drivers of late-model vehicles with low odometer mileage and whose driving habits are fairly routine: Going to work, shopping or going on vacation at a moderate cruising speed. Today, more and more engines are requiring synthetic oil, so be sure to check with your vehicle’s maintenance guide to avoid problems and maintain the validity of your warranty.

It is important to note that semi-synthetic oils are not legislated and can therefore contain a varied percentage of synthetic oil ranging from 5% to 95%. In other words, this means that you have no idea what product you are buying. Maybe this will change but at the time this article was written, it is still the case.

Important, Respect the Specified Standard

To simplify, the most important thing to know is that you have to go with an equal or higher quality oil than the one requested by the manufacturer. So, if you own a recent European vehicle, and it asks for synthetic oil 5W-30, you will have to use a version 502.00 100% formula euro synthetic oil for example. You will have to follow this rule to make sure you keep your engine and warranty intact.

For people with a vehicle running on regular oil, you can choose whatever oil type you like, but you will have to respect the viscosity.

Special standards: For many years numerous vehicles have had special requirements for oil synthetic grades. Manufacturers want to make sure that the synthetic oil used in their vehicles is up to standard. That is why there are additional standards and approvals to consider in some cases. For example, for a 2014 Audi A4, you will need a synthetic oil that meets the 502.00 standard to drive. Note that most of the high requirements are more common in European vehicles.

Synthetic or Mineral Oil Change Prices (Regular or Conventional)

In the end, it is a crazy world. Regular and synthetic oil change prices are not always logical, but let’s make it clearer. In some places you will find very attractive prices like the ones on our website for example. It could be a low-price place, a loss leader (special offers sold at a deficit price to get the customer entering the shop) or maybe a temporary outlet (maybe to sell a brand or old versions with an old logo for example).

Be aware that it is possible to do good business, but you have to be careful. Make sure that the place that is offering a promotion can do your oil change with the right oil, which implies the right standard and grade. Otherwise the special offer could turn into a nightmare if something happens later. Remember, if it is not the same product, it is not really a discount. It is like comparing apples to oranges.

Is It Worth the Trouble to Pursue Oil Change Special Offers?

Be sure to calculate if it is « really worth it » because if it is not, you could benefit from sticking with your regular mechanic who knows your vehicle and who will follow up on your behalf without necessarily charging more. In addition the garage that detects a certain loyalty will repay you in many ways. Your mechanic could one day help you with an unexpected problem rather than another because of your fidelity, help you financially or something else. Most garages are small workshops close to their customers, and they care about customer service. You could compare them to a dentist or a hairdresser; do you change every time?

As I said earlier, avoid semi-synthetic packages because the content of synthetic products in oil cannot be quantified. You can take advantage of free oil change packages provided with the purchase of your vehicle. You will have a good oil quality but be aware of supplements. The dealer strategy is to try to raise a reasonable bill right after you step in the garage.

We, at Garage Charlesbourg Certi-Pro, have created preferential rates for those who combine other services with their oil changes. Thus, maintaining your vehicles with us always ensures the best price for a synthetic oil change. Period.

Dexos Synthetic Oil Change

You should know that « Dexos » is a standard created specifically for GM a few years ago. It is a refining quality standard that can be achieved without necessarily being 100% synthetic. On the other hand, this standard guarantees a higher quality than standard mineral oils.

At Certi-pro, we use the 100% approved Dexos synthetic 5W-30 or 10W-30 oil for vehicles that require it. That way we are assured to easily surpass the standards required by the manufacturer. Of course, we also replace the oil filter and we perform a brief safety inspection.

The 100% Synthetic Oil Change 0W-16, 5W-20 and 0W-20

For several years now, manufacturers have been constantly increasing the use of more fluid oils such as 5W-20 and 0W-20. Several years ago, Honda and Ford in particular, were requesting 5W-20 oil in their vehicles. Today, a huge proportion of the market is using 5W-20. Since 2016, many vehicles have to run with 0W-20. Brands such as Subaru, Honda, Toyota, Ford, Chrysler, Dodge, Scion, Lexus and Acura ask for 0W-20 for some or even all of their models.

Basically, the only brands at the moment that have not really followed suit are Kia, Hyundai and all the European manufacturers. On the other hand, they are ahead of the game and are even more demanding when it comes to standards for their synthetic oils. As of 2016 or so, some Kia and Hyundai are requesting A5B5 ACEA standards for their oils, especially for turbo and direct injection engines. However, dealers are not vigilant, and many are still using regular oil.

0W-30, 0W-40, 5W-30 and 5W-40 European Oils

It is interesting to note that mentalities are very far apart between America and Europe. Europe has not only migrated to synthetic oil earlier but uses it almost exclusively. In addition the manufacturing and quality standards of European synthetic oil are higher. This is why I am writing about it. These oils are much superior and allow some vehicles to be serviced every 25,000 kilometres. It also means that these oils are much more expensive. Synthetic does not mean perfect. Even in synthetics, there are different grades, and Europe is making a point. Therefore, these European brands present in Quebec are requesting synthetic oil of higher standards.